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  • Parent Coaching | Nicole L. Stewart

    Parent Coaching Groups Now open for Summer 2024! Virtual & in-person offerings Small group size - register today to save your spot Register Are you walking on eggshells around your child, desperate to avoid a possible meltdown at every corner? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information out there on parenting? Even worse, do you feel like none of it applies to your unique, spirited child? ​ You are not alone. ​ I have been working with children with different needs and abilities for almost 20 years. Nowadays, more children than ever need additional support and individualized strategies. And more parents feel alone in their parenting journey. Even though we have more resources than the generations before us, many parents I meet struggle to figure out how to make sense of it all. One site says don't use punishment and the next one says set firm limits. No wonder this is so hard! ​ My objective is to empower parents of highly sensitive kids. ​ ​ I have launched parent coaching groups to support parents in this journey. Your child may have a diagnosis such as ADHD or anxiety. Or it may be hard for your child to stay calm or adjust their behavior in different situations. Perhaps your family dynamic is dictated by 1 child, and causes a lot of discord. Whatever the case may be, it's not easy, and you do not have to do it alone. ​ ​ ​ Group Goals Understand sensitive brains to anticipate developmental changes and help your child thrive. Learn actionable strategies and resources for a happier, more resilient home life. Surround yourself with like minded parents who can understand and empathize with your experiences. ​ Each group consists of a maximum of 6 participants and are according to children's ages to maximize outcomes. As such, every group is different and highly individualized to the needs of the participants. Topics can include:​ Understanding your child's unique rhythm Setting boundaries Promoting healthy habits Improving transitions Knowing when additional support is needed in home and at school Supporting emotional regulation Managing meltdowns Social skills Sibling dynamics Collaborating with schools on IEPs & 504s Summer 2024 groups now open - 4 options to enroll! Virtual for caregivers of 3-5 year olds 9:30 - 11:00 AM EDT 4 Tuesdays in July July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30 Next In person for caregivers of 3-5 year olds 9:30 - 11:00 AM EDT In Short Hills, NJ July 11, July 18, July 25, Aug 1 Next Virtual for caregivers of 6-8 year olds 11:15 - 12:45 PM EDT 4 Tuesdays in July July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30 Next In person for caregivers of 6-8 year olds 11:15 - 12:45 PM EDT In Short Hills, NJ July 11, July 18, July 25, Aug 1​​ Next CLOSED Cost: $399 per family ​ Make sure to learn about me and check out my FAQ to understand my experience, practice and values. Need more information? Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! Looking forward to joining you on your parenting journey! Register

  • Home | Nicole L. Stewart

    Nicole L. Stewart Your partner in nurturing your child's potential Are you a devoted parent on the journey of raising an extraordinary child with unique needs? Do you find yourself facing behavioral challenges or seeking ways to understand your child's development?​ ​ Are you overwhelmed and unsure where to turn for support? ​ You've come to the right place. I'm Nicole Stewart, a Special Education Teacher and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and I'm here to support your journey. ​ As a BCBA, I am dedicated to empowering parents and professionals like you to navigate the complex needs of each child. With almost 20 years of experience, I understand the nuances of child behavior and the importance of providing individualized solutions. Partnership with Compassion and Expertise Services Learn more about how I can support you, your child and your family. From 1:1 direct therapy to educational advocacy will help foster progress and success for your child. FAQ What does therapy look like? What is a BCBA? How do I know if we're a good match? Check out the answers to all your questions here. Workshops In addition to supporting family individually, I support parents and professionals in group setting. Check out my current offerings. Contact Me Ready for your complimentary 30-minute consultation? Contact me today!

  • Solo Practice Mentorship | Nicole L. Stewart

    ABA Private Practice Mentorship Empowering and equipping you with the tools you need to reinvent your professional life ​ LIMITED ENROLLMENT FOR SUMMER 2024 Are you ready to enter the world of private practice? Are you burnt out of a tiered model of services filled with turnover, stress and high volume, low quality caseloads? Do you dream of other career paths and jobs that don't feel so draining? Did you go into ABA to have a meaningful impact in the lives of children and their families? ​ I was in the same place as you were a few years ago - I even thought about law school instead of behavior analysis! That's how you know I was completely drained. Instead, I re-examined my options with my current credentials, and have developed a thriving private practice. ​ 81.84% of BCBAs specialize in autism (BACB, 2024). But we all know that the principles of behavior are everywhere and can be applied to any population. Autism treatment continues to be a necessary component of our field, but is not the only area of specialty. Unfortunately, we have created a cycle that has narrowed our scope: we typically train with the autism population, which generates a need for funding, which generates research to support efficacy. Together, we can expand the scope of practice. My goal for this course is to train others to replicate my model. By increasing the number of providers who are competent in other practice areas, we increase the need for funding and research. We can change this cycle. What's even more, you can be a part of the change while also increasing your job satisfaction, flexibility and quite possibly your income! But wait, what is my practice model? I provide direct therapy in "low doses" to children who benefit from ABA. "Low doses" = 1-2 times per week for 45 minutes - 1 hour "Children who benefit from ABA" = could be any child, but is typically a child with a diagnosis such as ADHD or anxiety, and who is struggling with emotional regulation, social skills and/or executive functioning ​ These are children who require additional opportunities to build skills and neural pathways towards socially significant behaviors that address the challenges that they are experiencing. This may feel familiar to related services, such as OT, SLP and counseling, but focuses on behavioral change and habit building. AKA, skills that we as behavior analysts are uniquely qualified to focus on and teach. In addition, my model, like traditional ABA treatment, focuses on parent collaboration and support. Every session has a parent communication component. Strategies are given to empower parents with tools to improve home life and to better meet their child's needs. The parent, as an equal partner, also provides critical feedback on the generalization of skills taught during therapy sessions. ​ I have learned that there is a huge gap in services for children with emotional and behavioral needs. Parents go from OT to SLP to MSW in search of someone who understands their child, their family needs, and can give everyone replacement behaviors to improve overall functioning and dynamics. While other clinicians are also qualified, they are few and far between. Too many families are left struggling, and too many children do not have adequate support. ​ Are you ready to make a change? Register In this program, you will get: 6-session intensive course that gives you everything you need to be a private practice BCBA 10 months of monthly group supervision to ensure you are qualified and supported as you get your practice going Three 1:1 mentorship sessions to be used at your discretion Templates, worksheets and resources to launch your practice with minimal effort Access to the Google Classroom with all materials and discussion opportunities for at least 1 year Access to email consultation and support for the full year 20% of future 1:1 mentorship consultations 14 CEUs to maintain your BACB licensure Register 6-Session Course Curriculum Session 1 Business Development ​Includes: Business formation Business resources Ethical business practices Price determination Session 4 Assessment & Goal Development ​ ​Includes: Intake assessment & interview with parents Domains for skill building Ensuring social validity ​ Session 2 Practice Model ​ ​Includes: Out-of-network billing basics Marketing & Networking Finding clients Practice management Session 5 Ongoing Session Structure ​ ​Includes: Building and maintaining rapport Data collection options Measuring progress Session 3 Understanding Non-Autism Diagnoses ​Includes: ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder Treating symptoms Best practices Session 6 Stakeholder Collaboration ​ ​Includes: Coaching parents Collaboration with other providers or schools Troubleshooting conflicts Summer 2024 Dates and Rates All sessions take place for 2 hours from 7:00 - 9:00 pm EDT on the following dates: June 27, 2024 July 11, 2024 July 25, 2024 August 1, 2024 August 15, 2024 August 22, 2024 ​ While live participation is strongly encouraged, we understand that life happens. All sessions are recorded and sent to registered participants within 48 hours of the session. $405 for 6-session intensive course $50/month for continued mentorship $850 for the entire program **payment plans are available** Register Testimonials "You were a wonderful teacher Nicole! I felt so lost and scared before starting this course and now I feel like I have the confidence to continue pursuing my own business!" "I am very thankful for this course, and I appreciate the personal approach you had when presenting the information to help others take that scary step of stepping out on our own." "This was a great course and such a useful way to help other BCBA's develop their own independent business goals!" Register Register

  • ADHD program | Nicole L. Stewart

    ABA and ADHD 1 day, 7.5 CEUs, jam-packed with information focused on treating ADHD using behavior analytic principles. Ideal for BCBAs, great for parents and other professionals. August 16, 2023 9:30 am - 4:45 pm EDT Unlock potential through skill-building Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts approximately 6-16% of children (, 2023). Children with ADHD often experience challenges with emotional regulation, social skills, executive functioning and self-management, among other areas of functioning. These difficulties can lead to low self-esteem, increased conflict and poor educational outcomes (Kuriyan et. al., 2013). FBAs and BIPs completed by BCBAs have become increasingly more common for children with ADHD in school settings (Rapp et. al., 2020). Additionally, treatment recommendations from the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics include behavioral therapy. However, ABA therapy is not widely practiced as a way to develop functional skills and bolster areas of deficits within this population. Further, parents of children with ADHD often report frustration with the lack of appropriate therapeutic option s available to adequately address performance deficits. With more training and support, BCBAs could be an optimal choice as practitioners. This training supports the development of BCBAs interested in treating the ADHD population. Participants will learn specific teaching strategies, assessment techniques and programming to effectively hone the abilities of children with ADHD. ​ F ull Day Admission: $80 for 7.5 CEUs; $25 NO CEU Option P artial Admission: $30 for 2.5 CEUs; $10 NO CEU Option ​ Part 1: Understanding ADHD & Best Practices for Successful Support 9 :30AM - 11:35AM EDT; 2.5 CEUs ADHD diagnosis, symptoms & common presentations Treatment options available to parents Best practices to thread throughout therapy sessions The role of parent training in ABA therapy for ADHD management ​ Part 2: Social Emotional Needs, Interventions and Strategies 1 2:25PM - 2:30PM EDT; 2.5 CEUs Neurotypical and Neurodivergent social-emotional development Strategies to develop social skills and emotional regulation fluency during structured therapy Measurement, monitoring and collaboration to identify generalization and pain points while skills are in development ​ Part 3: Executive Functioning Development: Promoting Independence 2 :40 - 4:45 EDT; 2.5 CEUs The importance of executive functioning development Self-management and independent skills Working memory functions ​ The entire day will be recorded and distributed to participants within 48 hours following the event. Please note that by attending, you consent to being recorded. You may keep your camera and sound off for the entirety of the event. Attendance for CEUs will be monitored using keywords throughout the training. Register

  • Workshops | Nicole L. Stewart

    Upcoming Events Summer 2024 Parent Coaching Groups Are you a parent of a highly sensitive child aged 3-5 or 6-8? Do you walk on eggshells, worrying about your child's strong emotions? Are you struggling to sift through parenting blogs, books and resources? Do you worry about your child's self-esteem, socialization or performance at school? ​ If any of these sound like you, my coaching groups are the right space for you. Join us for a transformative journey tailored just for you and your little one! The live coaching groups offer a unique blend of expertise and empathy. In these intimate sessions, we delve deep into understanding your child's developmental milestones, nurturing their interests and joy, setting healthy boundaries, fostering collaboration with schools, and much more. Every group is thoughtfully customized to address the specific needs of its participants, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience for all. Join a community of like-minded parents dedicated to empowering their children and themselves. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of growth, connection, and support! ​ Learn More ABA Solo Practice Mentorship 6-week intensive with 14 CEUs equipping BCBAs with the tools to have their own independent private practice. This 6-week intensive will be followed by a 10-month group mentorship to solidify your scope of competence. After this 1 year program, BCBAs will be able to provide effective 1:1 direct therapy at low levels (e.g. 1-2x/week) for high reach and impact to children with ADHD, anxiety or who are not yet diagnosed. Doing this all as their own employer, with mentorship and guidance every step of the way. ​ Learn More Book your next training with Nicole Nicole provides customized trainings for groups as small as 4 people to as large as 150 people. Each training is individualized to promote engagement and learning with the intended audience. Trainings can be geared towards BCBAs, caregivers and non-ABA childcare specialists. Nicole's current training library includes: leadership training, 8-hour supervision training, case conceptualization, rapport building, ABA in inclusive settings, developmental norms, toilet training, antecedent interventions, empathic and function-based responding, applications of ABA in the community, and MORE Contact Me

  • Copy of Workshops | Nicole L. Stewart

    Upcoming Events ABA Business Inspiration Program A continuous series of classes aimed at empowering BCBAs to become independent practitioners and business owners for their own solo practice or small agency. Ideal for BCBAs who want to escape the insurance cycles, practice in smaller niches or do consulting/coaching work. Currently, the Do-It-Yourself, On-Demand option is still available! Learn Register ABA and ADHD On-demand courses coming soon Comprehensive on-demand courses on utilizing ABA to build skills in children with ADHD. Great for BCBAs looking to expand their scope of competence AND for parents or other professionals looking to learn more about how to utilize the principles of ABA to support children with ADHD. Sign up to learn more Book your next training with Nicole Nicole provides customized trainings for groups as small as 4 people to as large as 150 people. Each training is individualized to promote engagement and learning with the intended audience. Trainings can be geared towards BCBAs, caregivers and non-ABA childcare specialists. Nicole's current training library includes: leadership training, 8-hour supervision training, case conceptualization, rapport building, ABA in inclusive settings, developmental norms, toilet training, antecedent interventions, empathic and function-based responding, applications of ABA in the community, and MORE Contact Me

  • Contact | Nicole L. Stewart

    Contact me Serving Northern NJ and NYC (additional locations available via a remote platform and based on state licensure) 973.761.3542 Name Email Phone Address Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting! Contact: Contact

  • BCBA Mentorship | Nicole L. Stewart

    BCBA Mentorship Quality supervision and mentorship is key to dissemination and development of the behavior analytic field. I provide direct BCBA supervision in 1:1 and group settings. Additionally, through a partnership, I am developing a BCBA supervision framework to promote generalized scientific and compassionate behaviors for aspiring clinicians. Please go to Supervision Reimagined to check out this part of my passion and services. Contact Me BCBA Mentorship: Services

  • Educational Consultant | Nicole L. Stewart LLC

    Nicole L. Stewart MSEd, BCBA, LBA-NY About: Welcome All About Me I am an ambitious, driven and dedicated educator and behavior analyst who has been working within the special needs population for over 15 years. Whether I am working directly with a client, coaching parents, or mentoring aspiring clinicians, my work relies on a combination of scientifically-validated teaching and empathic rapport building. I focus on solutions, tactics and interventions that are practical and functional not only for the child, but also for the family and support system around the child. I extend my support beyond direct-care to mentorship and supervision for BCBA fieldwork, as well as being an ACE provider for CEUs. In all facets of my work, I rely on behavior analytic principles with a high level of individualization to the client. I hold a Masters of Science in Education in Severe Special Needs from Simmons University where I gained experience through the program's partnership with the New England Center for Children. In addition, I have an Advanced Certificate in ABA from Florida Institute of Technology. I am a certified teacher in MA (students with severe needs) and NY (students with disabilities), a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA), and a licensed behavior analyst in NY State (LBA-NY). I have had the opportunity to work in residential, public school, private school, home-based, community-based and center-based settings. My most recent position before moving into private practice was as the Director of Educational and Behavioral Services at Manhattan Behavioral Center, where I led the center's clinical growth from the onset of it's development. In addition to the services I provide privately, I am also an adjunct professor in the ABA program at CUNY Hunter College. I volunteer for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) and serve as the Government Affairs chair on the board of NJABA. ​ Areas of expertise include: Autism & developmental delays Rare genetic disorders with multiple disabilities ADHD & emotional regulation Supporting children in inclusive settings Verbal behavior training, including implementation of AAC devices Transdisciplinary collaboration Pre-school & elementary aged children Parent & caregiver support & training Educational evaluations & advocacy BCBA supervision and mentorship of new BCBAs Leadership training ​ Contact Me About: About Me

  • Staff Training & CEUs | Nicole L. Stewart

    Staff Training & CEUs I am an authorized ACE provider through the BACB and can provide CEUs to BCBAs. With experience presenting to groups as small as 4 and as large as 150, I customize my presentation to be interactive and engaging to the needs of my audience. Trainings can be geared towards BCBAs, caregivers or non-ABA childcare specialists. Training Library includes: Leadership training 8-hour BCBA supervisor training Facilitation of journal clubs VB-MAPP training Developmental norms Use of conditioned reinforcers Academic Instruction utilizing behavior analytic principles Pairing and rapport building Mand training Case conceptualization Antecedent interventions in inclusive settings Function-based responding to behaviors AND MORE Contact Me Staff Training & CEUs: Services

  • Educational Advocacy | Nicole L. Stewart

    Educational Advocacy My educational advocacy relies on my experience knowing children's educational needs and how they fit within the continuum of services. I serve as a second educational opinion whether it's interpreting your IEP, participating in educational meetings, or providing expert witness testimony in the impartial hearing process. I work to get to know your child, your district and advocate for the learning environment your child requires. Additionally, I can conduct formal independent educational evaluations to support your child's needs. My hands-on experience with advocacy has been supplemented with formal training through my masters coursework, through COPAA and through the SPAN network. Contact Me Educational Advocacy: Services

  • Monthly Webinars | Nicole L. Stewart

    Monthly Skills-Based Workshops Whether a parent or a professional, join me monthly for a live webinar on different topics related to childhood, neurodiversity, behavior management, social-emotional learning and collaboration. These 1-hour events are jam-packed and full of actionable information for every member of a child's team. February for Professionals Executive Functioning Essentials for Clinicians 1 BACB CEU February 20, 2024 11:30am - 12:30pm EST Register March for Caregivers Managing Family Routines: Navigating transitions and changes March 13, 2024 12pm - 1pm EST ​ ​ Register March for Professionals Improving Parent Collaboration 1 BACB Ethics Ceu March 18, 2024 12pm - 1pm EST ​ ​ Register April for Caregivers Is ABA right for my child? April 3, 2024 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST ​ ​ Register

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