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1 day, 7.5 CEUs, jam-packed with information focused on treating ADHD using behavior analytic principles.

Ideal for BCBAs, great for parents and other professionals.

August 16, 2023 9:30 am - 4:45 pm EDT

Unlock potential through skill-building

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts approximately 6-16% of children (, 2023). Children with ADHD often experience challenges with emotional regulation, social skills, executive functioning and self-management, among other areas of functioning. These difficulties can lead to low self-esteem, increased conflict and poor educational outcomes (Kuriyan et. al., 2013). FBAs and BIPs completed by BCBAs have become increasingly more common for children with ADHD in school settings (Rapp et. al., 2020). Additionally, treatment recommendations from the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics include behavioral therapy. However, ABA therapy is not widely practiced as a way to develop functional skills and bolster areas of deficits within this population. Further, parents of children with ADHD often report frustration with the lack of appropriate therapeutic options available to adequately address performance deficits. With more training and support, BCBAs could be an optimal choice as practitioners. This training supports the development of BCBAs interested in treating the ADHD population. Participants will learn specific teaching strategies, assessment techniques and programming to effectively hone the abilities of children with ADHD.

Full Day Admission: $80 for 7.5 CEUs; $25 NO CEU Option

Partial Admission: $30 for 2.5 CEUs; $10 NO CEU Option

Part 1: Understanding ADHD & Best Practices for Successful Support

9:30AM - 11:35AM EDT; 2.5 CEUs

  • ADHD diagnosis, symptoms & common presentations

  • Treatment options available to parents

  • Best practices to thread throughout therapy sessions

  • The role of parent training in ABA therapy for ADHD management

Part 2: Social Emotional Needs, Interventions and Strategies

12:25PM - 2:30PM EDT; 2.5 CEUs

  • Neurotypical and Neurodivergent social-emotional development

  • Strategies to develop social skills and emotional regulation fluency during structured therapy

  • Measurement, monitoring and collaboration to identify generalization and pain points while skills are in development


Part 3: Executive Functioning Development: Promoting Independence

2:40 - 4:45 EDT; 2.5 CEUs

  • The importance of executive functioning development

  • Self-management and independent skills

  • Working memory functions

The entire day will be recorded and distributed to participants within 48 hours following the event.  Please note that by attending, you consent to being recorded.  You may keep your camera and sound off for the entirety of the event.  Attendance for CEUs will be monitored using keywords throughout the training.

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