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Services for Families

I offer a range of services designed to support you and your child in achieving positive outcomes.

1:1 Behavioral Therapy

First and foremost, my behavioral therapy is focused on building a strong relationship.  Without trust and rapport, therapeutic techniques are unsuccessful and will not generate long-lasting improvements to the quality of your child's life.  

Behavioral therapy takes place at your home or in the community setting (e.g. in an aftercare space or school setting) to promote generalization and functionality of skill development.  Sessions are fun, child-centered and individualized to the child.  Their deficits, strengths, interests and abilities are all taken into consideration when designing a plan.  No two children are alike and that's why I create a personalized program that focuses on functionality and cater's to your child's individuality.  

Individualized behavioral therapy can address areas such as:

  • Emotional regulation

  • Coping mechanisms

  • Executive functioning

  • Working memory

  • Communication 

  • Social skills

  • Self-management

  • Behavioral outbursts

I work with children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, ODD or anxiety as well as children who do not have any diagnoses.  The frequency and duration of therapy sessions is determined collaboratively with you as the caregiver.  Unlike many behavior analysts, I do not have minimum requirements and work with most of my clients one time per week.  ​

Parent Coaching & Support 

I am not just here to guide you; I'm here to partner with you.  Let's collaborate to equip you with practical tools and effective techniques to empower you and your child.  You are the expert on your child.  The biggest parts of my job are to listen and work with you to find realistic solutions.  The goals are to reduce your stress and improve your family dynamics. 

Parent coaching can be embedded within 1:1 behavioral therapy or can be provided completely separately.  Parent coaching can include:

  • Creating routines and strategies at home to reduce behavioral issues

  • Educating you about your child's needs at home, at school or in the community

  • Conducting functional behavior assessments

  • Facilitating collaboration between you and the school 

  • Creating a plan to better support your child, including guidance on additional evaluations and providers

Parent coaching can occur on a regular basis in person or via zoom, or we can create a custom package for short-term support to manage an acute issue. We work together to find a schedule that works for your needs. ​

IEP & 504 Support

Managing your child's extraordinary needs at school can bring a whole different type of stress.  Navigating the special education process requires it's own expertise and training, and many parents are expected to do it on their own.  It can be a challenge to understand if your child is getting the services, support and accommodations they require, and how they are progressing in the school setting.  

My role is to help bridge the divide between the school team and the family to ensure that parents are able to meaningfully participate in their child's educational program. In addition to being trained by COPAA and the SPAN Network, I have extensive experience joining in IEP and 504 meetings in different roles. 

I can support your child's educational needs by:

  • Reviewing their IEP and records

  • Providing individualized guidance and suggestions throughout the process

  • Participating in IEP and 504 meetings

  • Conducting Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) for behaviors 

  • Collaborating with the school team to find functional and appropriate solutions for your child

  • Training educational staff in behavioral techniques


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