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ABA Business Inspiration Program

A continuous series of classes aimed at empowering BCBAs to become independent practitioners and business owners for their own solo practice or small agency.  Ideal for BCBAs who want to escape the insurance cycles, practice in smaller niches or do consulting/coaching work. Currently, the Do-It-Yourself, On-Demand option is still available!


On-demand courses coming soon

Comprehensive on-demand courses on utilizing ABA to build skills in children with ADHD.    

Great for BCBAs looking to expand their scope of competence AND for parents or other professionals looking to learn more about how to utilize the principles of ABA to support children with ADHD.  


Book your next training with Nicole

Nicole provides customized trainings for groups as small as 4 people to as large as 150 people.  Each training is individualized to promote engagement and learning with the intended audience.  Trainings can be geared towards BCBAs, caregivers and non-ABA childcare specialists.  Nicole's current training library includes: leadership training, 8-hour supervision training, case conceptualization, rapport building, ABA in inclusive settings, developmental norms, toilet training, antecedent interventions, empathic and function-based responding, applications of ABA in the community, and MORE

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